Respiratory Tech

Respiratory techs, also known as respiratory therapy technicians, perform functions needed to complete patient treatment plans that are developed by physicians and respiratory therapists. Helping patients with breathing disorders and illnesses, respiratory techs evaluate patient response to treatment and manage patient records.

Responsibilities of Respiratory Technicians

Typically employed in a hospital or other medical setting, a respiratory technician conducts diagnostic testing for patients who are experience respiratory diseases or disorders, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia. Following the treatment plans created by a respiratory therapist or a physician, respiratory techs make sure that treatments are performed correctly. A respiratory tech also assists with the evaluation of the patient’s treatment, and they maintain patient records.

In addition, respiratory technicians may utilize relevant medical equipment when performing some tasks, including setting up the equipment, collecting samples, and conducting various tests. They may also be in charge of ordering supplies, calibrating equipment, and sterilizing instruments. Typically, a respiratory tech does not create treatment plans.

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Respiratory Tech Salary

For respiratory technicians, the Bureau of Labor Statistics report a median annual salary of $50,350. Salaries can vary depending on location and the industry in which a respiratory tech is employed. For respiratory technicians seeking employment, a position at a hospital may be more preferable as the median wage is higher than one in home health services.

Education Requirements

While a two-year degree is usually all that’s required for a career as a respiratory tech, a bachelor’s degree may be preferred by some employers. Additionally, most states require a license to work in respiratory therapy. Usually, previous work experience in the field is not required for this entry-level position.

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