Cost & Fees

Wallet-Friendly Tuition

We’ve made the cost and fees for our online programs as affordable as possible.

Earning your degree shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s why at Shawnee State University Online Campus, we’ve made in-state and out-of-state tuition rates for online programs within reach. And with financial aid and any credits you may be transferring, getting a quality education is more affordable than you’d expect.

Below, you can find tuition rates and fee totals for all online programs.

In-State Tuition

ProgramTotal CreditsTuition per Credit HourTotal TuitionMaximum Transfer CreditsPotential Program Cost
A.A. General Studies60$291$17,46042$5,238
B.A. in Criminal Justice120$291$33,36090$8,340
B.S. Health Science120$291$34,92090$8,730
Bachelor of Individualized Studies120$291$34,92090$8,730
BSBA in Business Administration: Accounting120$291$34,92090$8,730
BSBA in Business Administration: Management120$291$34,92090$8,730
BSBA in Business Administration: Marketing120$291$34,92090$8,730
BSBA in Healthcare Administration120$291$34,92090$8,730
BSBA in Information Systems Management120$291$34,92090$8,730
RN to BSN120$251$30,12090$7,530
Certificate in Mathematical Science18$500$9,0009$4,500
Criminal Justice Certificate12$291$3,492N/A$3,492
Graduate Certificate in Composition and Rhetoric18$452$8,136N/A$8,136
M.A. in Composition and Rhetoric30$452$13,5609$9,492
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction33$452$14,9169$10,848
M.Ed. Intervention Specialist36$452$15,3689$11,300
M.S. Mathematics36$500$18,0009$13,500
Occupational Therapy Doctorate (Post-Professional)31-32$600$18,600N/A$18,600

Out-of-State Tuition

ProgramTotal CreditsTuition per Credit HourTotal TuitionMaximum Transfer CreditsPotential Program Cost
A.A. General Studies60$321$19,26042$5,778
B.A. in Criminal Justice120$321$33,96090$8,490
B.S. Health Science120$321$38,52090$9,630
Bachelor of Individualized Studies120$321$38,52090$9,630
BSBA in Business Administration: Accounting120$321$38,52090$9,630
BSBA in Business Administration: Management120$321$38,52090$9,630
BSBA in Business Administration: Marketing120$321$38,52090$9,630
BSBA in Healthcare Administration120$321$38,52090$9,630
BSBA in Information Systems Management120$321$38,52090$9,630
RN to BSN120$281$33,72090$8,430
Certificate in Mathematical Science18$535$9,6309$4,815
Criminal Justice Certificate12$321$3,852N/A$3,852
Graduate Certificate in Composition and Rhetoric18$487$8,766N/A$8,766
M.A. in Composition and Rhetoric30$487$14,6109$10,227
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction33$487$16,0719$11,688
M.Ed. Intervention Specialist36$487$17,5329$13,149
M.S. Mathematics36$535$19,2609$14,445
Occupational Therapy Doctorate (Post-Professional)31-32$675$20,925N/A$20,925