Cost & Fees

Wallet-Friendly Tuition

We’ve made the cost and fees for our online programs as affordable as possible.

Earning your degree shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s why at Shawnee State University Online Campus, we’ve made in-state and out-of-state tuition rates for online programs within reach. And with financial aid and any credits you may be transferring, getting a quality education is more affordable than you’d expect.

Below, you can find tuition rates and fee totals for all online programs.

In-State Tuition

ProgramTotal CreditsTuition per Credit HourTotal TuitionMaximum Transfer CreditsPotential Program Cost
A.A. General Studies60$299.73$17,983.8042$5,395.14
B.A. in Criminal Justice120$299.73$35,967.6090$8,991.90
B.S. Health Science120$299.73$35,967.6090$8,991.90
Bachelor of Individualized Studies120$299.73$35,967.6090$8,991.90
BSBA in Business Administration: Accounting120$299.73$35,967.6090$8,991.90
BSBA in Business Administration: Management120$299.73$35,967.6090$8,991.90
BSBA in Business Administration: Marketing120$299.73$35,967.6090$8,991.90
BSBA in Healthcare Administration120$299.73$35,967.6090$8,991.90
BSBA in Information Systems Management120$299.73$35,967.6090$8,991.90
RN to BSN120$258.53$31,023.6090$7,755.90
Certificate in Mathematical Science18$515$9,2709$4,635
Criminal Justice Certificate18$299.73$3,596.769$2,697.57
Graduate Certificate in Composition and Rhetoric18$465.56$8,380.08N/A$8,380.08
M.A. in Composition and Rhetoric30$465.56$13,966.809$9,776.76
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction33$465.56$15,363.489$11,173.44
M.Ed. Intervention Specialist36$465.56$16,760.169$12,570.12
M.S. Mathematics36$515$18,5409$13,905
Occupational Therapy Doctorate (Post-Professional)31-32$618$19,776N/A$19,776

Out-of-State Tuition

ProgramTotal CreditsTuition per Credit HourTotal TuitionMaximum Transfer CreditsPotential Program Cost
A.A. General Studies60$330.63$19,837.8042$5,951.34
B.A. in Criminal Justice120$330.63$39,675.6090$9,918.90
B.S. Health Science120$330.63$39,675.6090$9,918.90
Bachelor of Individualized Studies120$330.63$39,675.6090$9,918.90
BSBA in Business Administration: Accounting120$330.63$39,675.6090$9,918.90
BSBA in Business Administration: Management120$330.63$39,675.6090$9,918.90
BSBA in Business Administration: Marketing120$330.63$39,675.6090$9,918.90
BSBA in Healthcare Administration120$330.63$39,675.6090$9,918.90
BSBA in Information Systems Management120$330.63$39,675.6090$9,918.90
RN to BSN120$289.43$34,731.6090$8,682.90
Certificate in Mathematical Science18$551.05$9,918.909$4,959.45
Criminal Justice Certificate18$330.63$3,967.569$2,975.67
Graduate Certificate in Composition and Rhetoric18$501.61$9,028.98N/A$9,028.98
M.A. in Composition and Rhetoric30$501.61$15,048.309$10,533.81
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction33$501.61$16,553.139$12,038.64
M.Ed. Intervention Specialist36$501.61$18,057.969$13,543.47
M.S. Mathematics36$551.05$19,837.809$14,878.35
Occupational Therapy Doctorate (Post-Professional)31-32$695.25$22,248N/A$22,248

Program Fees

B.S. Health Science$25
RN to BSN$50
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction$60
M.Ed. Intervention Specialist$60

Course Fees

Some courses have additional course fees that are used to cover costs that exceed basic instruction such as lab equipment and software; program materials and supplies; and coordination of field placements and internships. Below is a list of course fees:

Program/CoursesFee/Credit Hour
Education, Graduate (MEUCE)$20
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction (MECIE)$20
M.Ed. Intervention Specialist (MEISE)$20
M.S. Mathematics (MTH1E)$15
M.S. Mathematics (MTH3E)$35
M.S. Mathematics (MTH4E)$60
M.A. in Composition and Rhetoric (RHETE)$20

Course fees are not part of the tuition guarantee and are subject to change. Shawnee State University reserves the right to make, without prior notice, any fee adjustment that may become necessary.